Brain Responses to Song Lyric Messages

Here is a link to our recent published letter:

Citation: Miller EB, Eguchi R (2016) Brain Responses to Positive and Negative Messages in Song Lyrics. J Biomusic Eng 4: 114. doi:10.4172/2090- 2719.1000114

Abstract This single-subject pilot study investigated how the brain would react while listening to different combinations of major/minor sound and happy/sad lyrics. EEG was recorded across various combinations of musical mode and song lyric messages. Theta/Beta ratio did not decrease significantly at any site while listening to a positive message in minor key, the subject’s reported favorite condition. During negative lyrics in minor key, however, Theta/Beta decreased at T3 (p=0.048), at Pz (p=0.039), at Cz (p=0.050), at P3 (p=0.033), and at C3 (p=0.028). Hyper-connectivity was seen for the Delta, Theta and Alpha bands during positive lyrics in a minor key, compared with the hypo-connectivity for negative lyrics in a minor key at T3 seen for Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and High Beta.

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